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    Years of reading and performing scripts, (good and bad!), have sharpened my talent for writing for the spoken word. 

     As such, I am frequently hired to write corporate videos, commercials, speeches and key communications tools for the private, government and entertainment sectors. While living in Jakarta, internationally renowned travel series Insight Guides, hired me to write three chapters of their Insight Guides: Indonesia edition.  As a radio host and news reader in Japan and Indonesia, I wrote hundreds of hours of scripts for a variety of audiences.



    My documentary scriptwriting includes Canada’s Butterfly, for Bravo! Television, and the broadcast treatments for the CBC’s Christopher Plummer- A Man for All Stages, and Gotta Go! a cross-cultural adventure  for kids.

    As a Modern Languages graduate, certified TESOL (Teacher of English as a Second Language) instructor, and Broadcasting Arts graduate, I combine my love of languages with my passion for audio and video production and performance.

    My language-learning tools are included in the multi-media lab at Algonquin College, Canada, and were also used as part of the Japan Broadcasting Corporations (NHK’s) nationally broadcast English radio course.

    For the past 5 years, I’ve been recording children’s English language-learning audio books for the Ministry of Education, Government of China.

    Armed with specialized training in translation from the British Institute in Paris, France, I’m frequently hired to translate texts and create language adaptations for video.

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