About me

About Me 

Genevieve Spicer. 

I’ve been performing- with enormous pleasure- for over 25 years.

My experience includes on-camera and voice work in North America; on-air English teaching in Japan (at NHK, the national television network); jazz radio hosting in Indonesia; news reporting from France, and recording ESL audio books for the Government of China.

Born to a Parisian mother and Canadian father, I’m fluently bilingual in French and English and can provide a seamless delivery between the two languages. This makes me a popular choice for Canadian government clients needing “mirror image” narrations, and for international clients looking for a clean, Standard American Accent (SEA –“mid-western”) in English and an “international” accent in French. I can adapt both accents to suit your particular audience.

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On-Camera work

I’m now installed in the heart of Paris’s Latin Quarter where I provide worldwide clients with English and French voice over and scriptwriting/adaptation services. I work with recording studios in Paris and around the world –via Skype, Source Connect and other collaborative technologies. From my own home studio, I can record, edit and deliver, with fast turn-around, :

  • • Authoritative documentary narrations
  • • Encouraging computer-based training and e-learning courses
  • • Sophisticated museum and art gallery audio guides
  • • Sultry, savvy or “mom-next –door” commercials and PSA’s
  • • Lofty awards ceremony announcements
  • • Telephone and banking prompts
  • • Educational audio books & ESL language learning activities
  • • Kooky character voices for animation and interactive games.

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