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Les Alumettieres

Ceci fait partie de l’exposition virtuelle « Les voix de la capitale ».

Anti-age Global – Yves Rocher

Video promoting Yves Rocher's new Anti-Age Global skin-care line around the world.

Canada’s Department of National Defence

Was created for Canadian service women and men know about the resources available to them after serving difficult assignments overseas.

Lady Aberdeen

A documentary-style English narration I provided for a series of bilingual historical vignettes produced by the Department […]


A high energy, fast-paced technical corporate narration in which I give an overview of the state-of-the-art features of Alcatel’s 7670 routing switch platform.

Cil Cabaret de Arcancil

Genevieve spicer.com - Cil Cabaret de Arcancil

Avatar RSMC

Meet Nathalie – my Avatar in this on-line interactive training module

Global Knowledge – 30 Second Spot

This is a high energy radio commercial targeted at 18-24 year-old males who wish to pursue a career in Information Technology

Invest in Canada

Produced by Sound Venture Productions of Ottawa, Canada, this video tells international audiences why Canada is such a great place in which to invest.


A French bank and financial services company with headquarters in Paris.

National Gallery of Canada

One of several audio guides I have recorded for The National Gallery of Canada.


That’s the message I wanted to deliver in this 30-second PSA that I wrote and voiced (tag line) for CODE- The Canadian Organization for Development through Education.


This was a bilingual video I wrote and performed in.

PSA Trust

Video Montage

Butterfly Broadcast

About me

About Me 

Genevieve Spicer. 

I’ve been performing- with enormous pleasure- for over 25 years.

My experience includes on-camera and voice work in North America; on-air English teaching in Japan (at NHK, the national television network); jazz radio hosting in Indonesia; news reporting from France, and recording ESL audio books for the Government of China.

Born to a Parisian mother and Canadian father, I’m fluently bilingual in French and English and can provide a seamless delivery between the two languages. This makes me a popular choice for Canadian government clients needing “mirror image” narrations, and for international clients looking for a clean, Standard American Accent (SEA –“mid-western”) in English and an “international” accent in French. I can adapt both accents to suit your particular audience.

For on-camera demos, please click here…
On-Camera work

I’m now installed in the heart of Paris’s Latin Quarter where I provide worldwide clients with English and French voice over and scriptwriting/adaptation services. I work with recording studios in Paris and around the world –via Skype, Source Connect and other collaborative technologies. From my own home studio, I can record, edit and deliver, with fast turn-around, :

  • • Authoritative documentary narrations
  • • Encouraging computer-based training and e-learning courses
  • • Sophisticated museum and art gallery audio guides
  • • Sultry, savvy or “mom-next –door” commercials and PSA’s
  • • Lofty awards ceremony announcements
  • • Telephone and banking prompts
  • • Educational audio books & ESL language learning activities
  • • Kooky character voices for animation and interactive games.

To learn more about my writing, please click here…

Small quote page
“Genevieve Spicer. Talent. Versatility. Professionalism. 

Our first choice every time.” 

Patrick S. Fry, Creative Director, WebVoicer.com 


Looking for an authoritative and dynamic corporate voice-over to help brand your company? A passionate, perfectly paced narration for your documentary? How about am encouraging e-learning guide to help your sales team adapt to new protocols? Or, perhaps you’re looking for a cheery mom-next door or verrry sultry foreigner to help sell your product? For examples of all of these -please visit my Corporate, Commercial and E-Learning Demos. Under Museums/Audio Guides, you’ll find samples of my specialized museum and gallery work.

Casting for animation or multimedia? Under Character Voices, you’ll find my kooky Japanese cyborg and my bossy operatic witch. You’ll also hear, a singing bouquet of marigolds, a surly 7-year-old, and a double negative laced “hoser” school bus driver! You’se guys”!!

I also do radio hosting and imaging, (Broadcast), lofty awards show announcing, telephone voice prompts, ESL language-learning audio books, dubbing and voice-tracking. Did I mention in French and English? Please visit the French category for work en français.


French Commercial



My Writing
    my writing

    Years of reading and performing scripts, (good and bad!), have sharpened my talent for writing for the spoken word. 

     As such, I am frequently hired to write corporate videos, commercials, speeches and key communications tools for the private, government and entertainment sectors. While living in Jakarta, internationally renowned travel series Insight Guides, hired me to write three chapters of their Insight Guides: Indonesia edition.  As a radio host and news reader in Japan and Indonesia, I wrote hundreds of hours of scripts for a variety of audiences.



    My documentary scriptwriting includes Canada’s Butterfly, for Bravo! Television, and the broadcast treatments for the CBC’s Christopher Plummer- A Man for All Stages, and Gotta Go! a cross-cultural adventure  for kids.

    As a Modern Languages graduate, certified TESOL (Teacher of English as a Second Language) instructor, and Broadcasting Arts graduate, I combine my love of languages with my passion for audio and video production and performance.

    My language-learning tools are included in the multi-media lab at Algonquin College, Canada, and were also used as part of the Japan Broadcasting Corporations (NHK’s) nationally broadcast English radio course.

    For the past 5 years, I’ve been recording children’s English language-learning audio books for the Ministry of Education, Government of China.

    Armed with specialized training in translation from the British Institute in Paris, France, I’m frequently hired to translate texts and create language adaptations for video.

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    Please get in touch with me for additional information about my voice work.
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    Geneviève Spicer

    51 rue Censier
    75005, Paris, France

    Intl Tel: +1.613.761.5502
    Mobile: +1.613.404.4162

    For Canadian Representation please contact

    The Mensour Agency

    41 chemin Springfield Rd.
    Ottawa, ON K1M 1C8

    photo by David Ediger



    “Genevieve can turn a phrase like no one else. She can be silky, sultry, earthy, confident, commanding, hilarious and profound. She does it all. You can hear it in her voice! She is a true performer at heart.”

    Katie Tallo, Producer/Writer/Director, Tallovision Inc. 

    “Genevieve’s voice has such clarity and purity, her speech is superbly articulate while being incredibly pleasing to the ear. She has a timbre that commands attention or seduces the listener to hang upon her every word. Genevieve represents the most versatile of vocal talent -with an English read that is absolutely luscious and a perfectly enchanting French delivery. Her adept skills with translation and editing both languages is rounded off by a roster of character voices. ”

     Robin Dumas Audio Engineer